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When it comes to Quality, Quality Control is the first priority to be taken into consideration and action. With well designed measurement instruments and inspection equipments, the production capacity and quality are always being improved.

We ensure that every product we manufacture goes under inspection of customer’s required specification. Each product of our range is tested as per the internationally accepted standards using various test procedures. In addition, we also facilitates specific testing as per the clients requirement.

Our team inspects every product while on the machining itself, so that it saves time as well as maintains quality of the product and enhances the production capacity.


We are maintaining quality of the products with the help of following inspection instruments.

  • Digital Vernier Caliper.
  • Micrometer.
  • Digital Micrometer for high accuracy jobs.
  • Thread Plug gauge – with GO/NOGO.
  • Thread Ring gauge – with GO/NOGO.
  • ID Plain plug gauge – with GO/NOGO.
  • OD Snap gauge – with GO/NOGO.
  • ID Bore gauge for high accuracy jobs.
  • And customized gauges according to the customer’s required specifications.